Chaos, the Birthplace of Order

Using a pallet of earthy tones, blacks and white negative space, Dyson shows chaos as highly sensitive disorderly orderliness, believing that chaos paradoxically leads to formal order and structure. The composition has a superficial appearance of randomness or chaos but an underlying structure of balance, proportion and order. This combines to achieve a harmonious state of movement and fluidity.

Dyson explores chaos theory where in a changing system a small difference will be magnified exponentially over time. She examines examples of order disintegrating into chaos and chaos giving birth to order. She is fascinated by birds moving in swarms, a murmuration of starlings, the pattern of cars at a spaghetti junction where there is random order within the chaos.


  • 2017
  • Acrylic, mixed media on canvas
  • 106 x 127 cm