Helen Dyson at work

Helen Dyson at work, as featured in Hello, issue 432

  “I use my subject
matter as a starting
point for a creative
journey that attains
a momentum of its
own. Using the
medium of paint,
collage and found
materials, I explore
the juxtaposition of
space, texture and
colour to achieve
balance and harmony
of composition."

Helen Dyson is a mixed media artist based in London. Her bold compositions have been exhibited and commissioned internationally, catching the attention of collectors in Europe, Asia and the United States. Helen has also designed and painted numerous murals and backdrops for interior design magazine photo-spreads.

'Plums' as featured in the book Memories of
James Hunt, by Christopher Hilton

Memories of  James Hunt

Helen’s work is often on a grand scale and always breathtaking. She gains her inspiration from travelling - collecting and using the flotsam and jetsam of modern life.

Helen is currently working on a collection inspired by her walks in Central Park, New York. When she is not in her studio, she works as an art educator and lecturer.



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